Picture of Jen

After years of collecting books filled with plant information, and sketching numerous planting plans and various design ideas, I decided to look into the field of landscape architecture.

In the beginning, I was interested in residential designs. I carefully selected courses that would allow me to complete a minor in ornamental horticulture in addition to the requirements for matriculation into the landscape architecture program. I worked hard, and was able to complete all of the course work required for my minor, and matriculation, while maintaining a place on the dean’s list.

Throughout the years, I have developed an interest in urban planning. The various courses taken my first two years have also helped me understand the importance of sustainable and ecological planning, building community, and the dynamics of space.

My final semester was filed with numerous opportunities to further develop the skills that I acquired since starting school. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to lead a team for the annual design charrette, a weeklong design studio, which helped Envision Utah create education materials for their Envision Cache community meetings.

I also elected to pursue LEED accreditation with the USGBC. The upcoming changes within the LEED program will bring to light the tremendous skill set that the field of landscape architecture can bring.

I am currently pursuing a position with a firm that will allow me to further my skills in urban and regional planning, with an emphasis on sustainable and ecological design.