About Me

In the cold winter months I love to spend my time delving into a new knitting pattern, laying out fabric for a quilt, or carefully arranging photos on scrapbook paper to create layouts showing what I have been up to. Since I am not into many of the outdoor winter activities I often spend time watching movies with my husband, or snuggling with my cats while reading a book.

During the warmer months I can be found outdoors. If I am not digging in dirt, or soaking up some sun, I can be found snapping pictures of the latest blooms or the clouds that look amazing.


I enjoy traveling throughout the country. My travel style has changed quite a bit since I began my studies in landscape architecture. Instead of planning a trip to a typical destination, like the beach, I travel to see the park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, or a new urbanist community. Each of these trips are highlighted by the incredible design, or the unique bricking pattern in the walkways. While my travels have not been extensive, I always return home with new ideas and better understanding of the old ideas. I have turned into a complete landscape nerd, but I love it!