Design Charrette

Since participating in my first charrette I have wanted to lead my own charrette group. During my last year of schooling I had the opportunity of being a team captain. It was a great experience, one that helped me further develop my leadership skills.

I was asked to address the need for, and develop, new communities in Cache County. The week prior to the charrette was spent researching development types, and considering their application within Cache Valley.

My group helped me gather additional information that would be used to create our posters. The posters created during the charrette are being used for educating the general public through Envision Utah. I wanted to be sure that the posters provided information in an appropriate manner, but also provided information that was eye-catching. I spent many hours working on the page layouts, considering the amount and type of detail to include. The end result provides a simple details on a wide range of information to help the audience understand the options available to them.

In addition to the posters we were required to come up with an electronic presentation. It was a fun challenge to create slides that would maintain interest, and still provided quality information.

It was challenging to work with a group with a variety of skill levels, but I learned a lot from the experience.